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Dawn Rooney

American-born Dawn Rooney has spent many years researching art history in Southeast Asia. Awarded a PhD in art history in 1983, she has contributed to Oriental Art and other journals and is the author of nine books on the region's art and culture including Khmer Ceramics, Angkor Observed, Betel Chewing Traditions in Southeast Asia, Thai Buddhas, Ancient Sukhotha (Thailand's Cultural Heritage), and Khmer Ceramics, Beauty and Meaning (2010). In 2002, Rooney was the scholar in residence at The Rockefeller Foundation Study Center, Bellagio, Italy. The Rooney Cultural Archive-Southeast Asia website was launched in 2004 with the kind support of a grant from the James HW Thompson Foundation. This on-line archive preserves three decades of independent research; the URL is: http://rooneyarchive.net. She is an advisor to the Society for Asian Art at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and in 2009 she was appointed to the Board of Directors for The Center for Khmer Studies in Siem Reap. Rooney resides in Bangkok, which has served as her research base for the past three decades. She has made more than 100 trips to Angkor.

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