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William Lindesay & Wu Qi

William Lindesay travelled alone and on foot for a distance of 2,470 kilometres along the route of the Ming Great Wall between Jiayuguan and Shanhaiguan in 1987. He recounted his journey in Alone on the Great Wall (Hodder, UK 1989; Fulcrum USA 1991). Remaining in China since his adventure to research he became concerned about the physical and spiritual destruction of the Great Wall cultural landscape and established the conservation group International Friends of the Great Wall (http://www.friendsofgreatwall.org) in 2001. Lindesay now works with the Beijing Bureau for Cultural Relics, UNESCO Beijing Office and the US-based World Monuments Fund to preserve the authenticity of Great Wall. His latest book is Images of Asia: The Great Wall (Oxford Univ. Press, Hong Kong, 2003). He is currently compiling a record of his personal discoveries and realizations conceived after having spent more than 1,000 days on and around the Wall under the title Great Wall: An Exploration, due to be published by Odyssey in Spring 2005.

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