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Masha Nordbye

Photo of Masha Nordbye, Odyssey author, standing next to a yellow aircraft

Masha Nordbye is a writer, photographer and TV producer who has visited more than 110 countries, and was one of the first women in history to stand atop the North Pole. 

She has traveled throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union on a regular basis over the past 30 years - from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, through all the 'Stans' and Siberia, and Murmansk in the north down to the Crimea on the Black Sea.

She studied at Moscow University, and helped produce numerous films and television documentaries within the country. Some of these include: National Geographic's Voices of Leningrad and Inside the Soviet Circus, ABC's The Power of the Russian Psychics, PBS's Siberian Villages of the North, CBS's, The Making of the Moscow Circus, Disney's Mickey Mouse Goes to Moscow, 20th Century Fox's Back in the USSR, Discovery Channel's Discovering Russia and Bashkaus: Hard Labor in Siberia (on rafting across southern Siberia), and additional shows on everything from cosmonauts, MIG Fighter Jets, and Siberian tigers to the Trans-Siberian and Lake Baikal. Masha also helped organize a Moscow Circus Tour of North America, and leads expeditions across Mongolia, Siberia and Marco Polo's Silk Route.

As a journalist, she covered the first Expeditsiya Car Race along the many roads and ruts across Russia, journeying over 10,000 kilometers from Murmansk, south to St Petersburg and through the Volga regions, and then east across the Urals and Siberia to Vladivostok. In addition, she traveled the Great Siberian Tea Road from Beijing, across Mongolia and all of Siberia, west to Moscow.

She is also the author of other books and numerous magazine articles on Russia, and is a Lowell Thomas Award recipient for 'Excellence in Travel Journalism.' When not off on expeditions and filming documentaries around the world, Masha takes trapeze lessons from circus masters. She resides in Los Angeles, California.



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