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Richard Hayman

Captain Richard Perry Hayman has traveled in the Three Gorges region first voyaging in 1980 on the old fleet of transport ships and sailing in his sea kayak flying a U.N. flag. In 1981, he took passage on an old East is Red steamer packed with peasants and soldiers upriver through the then pristine Gorges. Hayman's grandfather lived in Chongqing during World War II as advisor to the Chinese Army and later regaled his grandson with tales of those dramatic times. Hayman was instrumental in establishing the premier cruise fleet on the Yangzi, with sailings from Chongqing, Wuhan and Shanghai. He worked with Lindblad Travel on the State guest ship Kun Lun and with the river fleet of Victoria Cruises in the 1990s. Hayman has hiked the length of the Gorges and led expeditions into the Shennongjia region. He has advised various magazine and film projects, including International Wildlife, Geographic, and Discovery Channel.

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