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Anthony Cassidy

Anthony Cassidy is the principal photographer for this project. His wanderlust has taken him to more than 80 countries as a freelance photographer. Born in Dublin in 1957, Anthony has been on the road since 16 years of age. His interest in photography and different cultures began on a hitchhiking trip from Amsterdam to Jerusalem in 1983. Intrigued to see men in Israel wearing old-fashioned black suits, brimmed hats and long curly sideburns, he took some snapshots and later discovered that they were Hasidic Jews. He wanted to be able to show people back in Ireland that he had made it further than London! In 1989, while in India working on one of his first assignments, a book on Rajasthan, he shot a few frames of an older woman in a doorway. Everything about India was new to him and impressions were coming hard and fast. It wasn't until he had developed the film later that he realized what this woman's striking face and what an amazing story it told. From then on, capturing unique faces with his lens became an over-riding passion that remains with him today. His work has been published on the covers of travel guides to Belgium, Bolivia, China, Egypt, Holland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, and Venezuela. After being based in Amsterdam for about 30 years, he recently moved back to Ireland and now lives in Donegal with his daughter Siobhan. He can be contacted via his website, where you also can view his portfolio as well as order prints, cards and calendars. His collection of Selected Portraits offers a glimpse into the most universal of all human expressions - the smile. www.anthonycassidyphotography.com

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