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Markus Hauser

Cartographer Markus Hauser works as a professional cartographer. Since 1989 he has travelled extensively in Tajikistan and the Pamirs. He is the founder of The Pamir Archive, the world's largest book and map archive in private hands dealing with the Pamirs and Central Asia that has recently been acquired by the University of Central Asia. In 2004 he produced for the UNESCO project Cultural and Eco-tourism in the Mountainous Regions of Central Asia and in the Himalaya the first detailed, accurate map of the Pamirs and for SDC Switzerland he finished the mapping of Tajikistan with maps for Northern Tajikistan and Southern Tajikistan. He just finished the 2nd edition of the maps The Pamirs and Lenin Peak and maps for a new guide book of Northern Pakistan. Also in planning are detailed trekking maps of the Afghan Wakhan and other mapping projects in the area.

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