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Diana Gleadhill

Photo of Diana Gleadhill, Odyssey Kamchatka author

Diana Gleadhill worked as a professional librarian before becoming a graphic artist who dabbles with mosaics.

Driven by her natural curiosity and sense of adventure, she has explored places as diverse as Kenya, South America, Papua New Guinea, the Kamchatka Peninsula and Central Asia. She has written three books describing some of her travels. "Kamchatka. A Journal and Guide to Russia's Land of Ice and Fire". "Our Fiery Hearts" - travels in Central Asia. And "Waterborne" - a collection of her experiences in and on the water. She is a Fellow of the RGS, and lives in County Down, Ireland.

Kamchatka: A Journal & Guide to Russia's Land of Ice and Fire ISBN 9789622177802

Kamchatka -  A journal & Guide to Russia's Land of Ice and Fire

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