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Caroline Courtauld MBE

Caroline Courtauld is a writer, published photographer, and documentary film producer and researcher. Her publications include books on Burma, Hong Kong and China. One of her early books on China was about Jiangsu Province. From 1992 to 1997 she worked with Jonathan Dimbleby and Francis Gerard on a BBC documentary project The Last Governor about Hong Kong in the period up to its transfer of sovereignty to China. Her latest documentary for PBS (USA) Building China Modern - the story of renowned architect IM Pei returning to his hometown of Suzhou to design and build a new museum, has received wide acclaim. Courtauld? s involvement in a television documentary on the history of Hong Kong led to another book, The Hong Kong Story, which was published by Oxford University Press. The widely acclaimed book The Forbidden City, The Great Within, which Courtauld co-authored with May Holdsworth, was a companion book to a lavish dramatized documentary of the same name, a history of the Imperial Palace in Beijing. This film was premiered on the Discovery Channel and shown worldwide. A revised edition with a new chapter on the treasures of the Forbidden City has been prepared in time for the Beijing Olympics - in the UK it is published by Frances Lincoln, WW Norton in the USA and The Foreign Language Press is China. A resident of Hong Kong and Essex, England, Courtauld is former chairman of the Keswick Foundation. In 2009 she was the Managing Editor and an author of the history of the Foundation, Friendship First - the First Thirty Years. Courtauld has been a leading figure in the hospice care movement in Hong Kong (for which she was awarded an MBE) and now sits on a variety of NGO boards.

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