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Beijing and Shanghai

China's Hottest Cities

China's drive into the 21st century has been fueled by the relationship - and competition - between Beijing, its ancient political and cultural capital, and Shanghai, its economic growth engine. The history of modern China, since 1850, has in many ways been defined by Beijing's exercise of policy over what only a century and a half ago was a fishing village. In a century, Shanghai cast off its fishing nets and rose to become the region's leading economic metropolis, a position it seems determined to re-take, this time with Beijing's blessing.

Travelers to China will almost inevitably visit both of these dynamic cities. The first edition of Beijing and Shanghai is a vibrant guide to what?s hot and what?s cool in China?s twin cities. Combining the latest developments in restoration, entertainment, transportation and accommodation with historical writing by acclaimed authors describing each city?s high and low moments, Beijing and Shanghai presents a sophisticated guide to urban China the traveler has never had before.

Few guidebooks are written by authors resident in the cities they are covering. Most ?parachute? in for a few weeks to cover a destination. Our authors are ?locals? with an intimate knowledge, not only of the history, but of contemporary city life and culture.


“...up-to-the-minute information about these fast-changing metropolises (and) what makes this book so worth reading are the many special topics, literary excerpts and archive pictures and illustrations sprinkled throughout, which meld with the main text and colourful contemporary pictures to present as full and comprehensive an understanding of China's urban powerhouses as you'll find anywhere in print...” - SILK ROAD, Inflight Magazine


+ China?s rapid economic development, fueled by its entrance into the World Trade Organization, and Beijing?s hosting of the 2008 Olympics have led to wholesale restructuring of large parts of each city?s infrastructure

+ Covers improved tourist and residential infrastructure, including the pedestrianization of China?s two most famous shopping promenades, Beijing?s Wangfujing and Shanghai?s Nanjing Road

+ Pinyin phonetic translations of Chinese place names help make it easier to communicate with taxi drivers, hotel staff and others about the location of sights

+ A select list of Internet websites covering both cities

+ 95 color photographs supplemented with archival material bring the present, and past, to life

+ 18 maps show locations of key tourist sites

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Peter Hibbard - Author
Paul Mooney - Author
Steven Schwankert - Author


Publication Date : September 2004
Category : TRAVEL/Asia
Paperback ISBN 10 : 962-217-728-X
Edition : First Edition
Paperback Price : US$ 9.99, GB£ 9.99
Format : 8in x 5.5in
Pages : 600
Photos : 230 color
Maps : 17

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