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Land of the High Flags

Afghanistan When the Going was Good

When the going was good, a young American woman traveled to the then-remote country of Afghanistan. A classic memoir in the tradition of Rebecca West, Rosanne Klass's Land of the High Flags is an insightful account of the land and its proud people. She was the first woman to teach boys from the country's villages, at a time when Afghan women were still kept hidden behind veils. Ms. Klass writes of Afghan traditions, of stark, splendid landscapes, and of the enduring friendships she made at a time when Afghanistan was reaching out to a hopeful future. Hailed by critics when it first appeared, this reissue of a classic includes additional new sections telling of her return to Afghanistan as a journalist - and of what became of the friends she brought to life for her readers. This is a vivid portrait of Afghanistan as it was before Afghan life was blasted into ruins like the great Buddhas of Bamian by the wars and the Taliban.


“...... poetic prose that captures the very essence of the brave, proud people of Afghanistan......” - New York Times

“...A unusually vivid memoir of lost Afghanistan and its people, first published in 1964 and returned to print with a new afterword by the author, who maintained a lifelong relationship with the country that so captivated her in the 1950s....” - Longitude Books

“...... an interesting writer, gifted with insight... and a vivid graphic sense; every experience she offers us - of people or place or weather - is received and fully shared....” - The New Yorker

“...Her book will remain a faithful account of what Afghanistan was like ...” - James A. Michener


+ A memoir of lost Afghanistan

+ Essential source for anyone interested in the recent history of Afghanistan

+ Written by an acknowledged expert on Afghanistan and its culture

+ Beautifully crafted descriptions of the Afghan landscape, culture and people

+ Unforgettable portrait of a nation caught between tradition and modernity

+ Includes photographs of the lost pre-war, pre-Taliban Afghanistan

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Land of the High Flags


Rosanne Klass - Author


Publication Date : June 2007
Category : TRAVEL/History/Literature/Asia
Paperback ISBN 10 : 9622177867
Paperback ISBN 13 : 978-962-217-786-4
Edition : First Edition
Paperback Price : US$ 19.95
Format : 8.25in x 6 in
Pages : 360
Photos : 42
Maps : 1

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