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The Terracotta Army

of Qin Shi Huangdi - The First Emperor of China

In 1974, near Xi'an in central China, villagers chanced upon what has become one of the world's most astonishing finds - an 8,000-man army in battle-ready formation, each warrior a life-size figure in pottery made over 2,200 years ago. Qin Shi Huangdi, China's first emperor and founder of the Qin dynasty, commissioned this massive military tableau, creating an underground army to protect his voyage in the afterlife. The tomb is located in the eastern suburbs of Lintong County, 22 miles east of Xi'an. It is estimated that the tomb took 38 years to build, between 247 BC and 208 BC, and utilized the labor of over 700,000 conscripts. The emperor died in 210 BC having unified China into a central state and also laid the foundation for the Great Wall.

The Close-Up series is the very first of its kind to give you fascinating, concise introduction to over 100 individual aspects of China and its to peoples, past and present. Each topic is presented by chosen experts in their fields who write with brevity for the intelligent reader. Illuminating text is supported by the work of international photographers, with maps and diagrams, to give a Close Up picture that satisfies curiosity while encouraging further reading. Together, the titles build up an encyclopedia covering every wonderful aspect of China, a vast country that is only now revealing its true mystery and magnificence.


+ One of the most celebrated archeological finds of all time

+ Concise introduction to one of the Wonders of the World

+ UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

+ A formidable army brought to life with illuminating text supported by the work of international photographers

+ Valuable resource material for high schools, colleges, museums and libraries

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William Lindesay - Author
Guo Baofu - Author


Publication Date : February 2008
Category : HISTORY/Archaeology
Paperback ISBN 10 : 9622177964
Paperback ISBN 13 : 978-962-217-796-3
Edition : First Edition
Paperback Price : US$ 12.95
Format : 10in x 7in
Pages : 32
Photos : 51
Maps : 1

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