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A Natural History Guide

Since its creation in 1968, the Galapagos National Park has been considered by UNESCO as one of the jewels of the planet. Long regarded as a mysterious and desolate archipelago, this wildlife paradise is a true showcase of evolution in action. In recent years, the newly developed Marine Reserve fulfils the ultimate purpose of the National Park Service - protection and conservation of the region, after decades of abuse by illegal fishing. This guide describes the rich human history, the geology and origin of the islands, 'El Nino' phenomenon, the amazing natural history, villages and the visitors' sites, with fascinating seabirds, endemic land birds, prehistoric reptiles, playful sea lions and the incomparable enchanting underwater world.


+ Written and photographed by a world-recognized expert

+ Fascinating scientific and historical information

+ Meticulous descriptions of the flora and fauna, including newly discovered species

+ Extensive coverage of the 19 largest islands in the archipelago

+ Discussion and listing of 52 dive sites

+ Spanish-English glossary

+ Over 52,000 copies in print

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Galapagos - A Natural History Guide


Pierre Constant - Author


Publication Date : January 2010; Latest reprint 2014
Category : TRAVEL/South America
Paperback ISBN 10 : 9622177662
Paperback ISBN 13 : 978-962-217-766-6
Edition : Seventh Edition Revised
Paperback Price : US$ 24.95, GB£ 15.95
Format : 8.25in x 6 in
Pages : 316
Photos : 180
Maps : 71

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