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Cambodia's Wondrous Khmer Temples

The great legacy of the ancient Khmer civilization, the temples of Angkor cover an area of over 77 square miles in northwest Cambodia. These monuments, built between the ninth and 15th centuries, the classic period of Khmer art, are unrivaled in architectural greatness. They are, undoubtedly, one of the wonders of the world, astounding in their splendor and evoking a real sense of awe...

This beautifully illustrated book contains background information on Khmer history, religious beliefs and legends depicted on the bas-reliefs, as well as descriptions of the architectural features. This detailed, monument-by-monument guide to the sites includes detailed maps and plans, plus information about four newly opened temple complexes accessible by helicopter!


“...In my experience, Rooney is the most accessible writer when it comes to learning about the Angkor temples. I consider her Angkor to be a classic, as far as guides are concerned. It is divided into two parts. The first is a scholarly (but not overly so) explanation of history, legends, art, and architecture. The second is a guidebook, which takes you through Angkor's temples, citadels, and barays, no matter how small. She lays the foundation for a knowledgeable visit, from types of building materials to the gods encountered on bas-reliefs. Her tour of Angkor Wat galleries, for example, makes the stories clear without overwhelming with detail. If you have time for only one book, this is it....” - Kim Fay, To Cambodia With Love, A Travel Guide for the Connoisseur (Things Asian Press, Singapore 2011)

“...An excellent guide, well-written, with beautiful photographs...” - The New York Times

“...The best guide is Dawn Rooney's Angkor...” - The Telegraph (UK)

“...Don't leave home without 'Angkor' by Dawn Rooney...” - San Francisco Chronicle


+ Extensive accounts of all temples and pre-Angkor sites

+ Written by an art historian steeped in the region's art and culture

+ Comprehensive background information on Khmer art, religion and cultural traditions

+ Unique flora and fauna around the Great Lake, Tonle Sap

+ Profiles the Phnom Penh National Museum and highlights of Cambodia's capital

+ The hip town Siem Reap - the base for exploring Angkor

+ Foreword by His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni of Cmbodia

+ Over 38,000 copies in print

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Dawn Rooney - Author


Publication Date : April 2011
Category : TRAVEL/Asia
Paperback ISBN 10 : 9622178022
Paperback ISBN 13 : 978-962-217-802-1
Edition : Sixth Edition
Paperback Price : US$ 27.95, GB£ 17.95
Format : 10in x 7in
Pages : 496
Photos : 183
Maps : 43

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